The Lantern 10-sided Tankard revolutionised beer drinking in the 1920s

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With origins that trace back to the late Victorian era, the Lantern 10-sided Tankard illuminated Britain’s pub and bar scene, replacing murky pewter and pottery as the nation’s drinking vessel of choice.

It’s clear why. The Lantern Tankard highlighted mysterious impurities in beer, forcing brewers to improve the quality and clarity of their ales. Meanwhile, the visibility afforded by the ten elegant panels ensured the days of crafty landlords short-changing their customers were long gone.

The Lantern Tankard’s huge popularity between the wars and through to the 1960s was due in part to its ability to enhance the flavour of its contents, but also to its thoughtful, elegant design. Although the Lantern is marginally heavier than its Dimpled rival, it actually feels lighter and better balanced due to its superior proportions and weight distribution.

In fact, the Lantern Tankard was so popular, it went on to star in the iconic ‘Beer is Best’ promotional campaign run by The Brewers’ Society from the 1930s all the way to the 1950s.

There were numerous major hand-pressed glass manufacturers that produced versions of the Lantern Tankard. However, the modern Lantern Tankard is a faithful reproduction of the version produced by The Crystal Glass Company of Knottingley, West Yorkshire. Of all the versions of the Lantern Tankard, this version is the finest example of this forgotten British classic.

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Beer is Best Advertisement - used with the kind permission of ‘The British Beer & Pub Association’, circa 1930s.